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This website is under construction, but in the meantime, we are posting some links to meaningful ideas. This site connects some ideas in America and Zambian, but focused on the wiser ones living in Kasempa.

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These are some memories of Mukinge we like:

We start with a YouTube story of an American, Ben Carson, who we like. This may not be the best of his videos, but he usally tells the same story. Feel free to find another video of his if this does not seem great. But we really like Ben Carson... What do you think? We think he is a hero... a leader... a wise man. Unfortunatly, America seems to be slowly dying (moral decay, stupid politics, etc). But how is Zambia doing? We are not interested in the politics that Ben Carson talks about... we are interested in the ideas and principles that are unique and Christian. And we believe God can make any country great... when people serious follow God's Word! We want to see Zambia become a great nation. We like to encourage families and leaders in Kasempa to be wise in a confused world. We need more people like Ben Carson... but in Zambian style... in Kasempa style. What do you think?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyHBT4sfHoE (similar talk as above)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz7QA8JsRUY&t=1828s (podcast)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us3P7XcpKGM (related to 2024 US politics)

One of the big issues in modern times is the lie of Evolution.
Evolution is taught in most universities around the world.
Some people believe Evolution is "science" and some think it started in Africa.
But really, many people have turned away from God and are listening to "so called science".

Evolution is a lie.

Actually, God is very much alive and well, and he is just testing us by allowing the Evolutionists to gain the upper hand in academia.

The truth is, God created... and Kasempa is one of those amazing places where we can see God's creation in the form of all kinds of amazing animals (the nearby Kafue National Park), along with many other things (like you can see the stars clearly, etc).

But there is a lot of modern science deception happening.

We however, believe original man started in the Garden of Eden, somewhere in Mesopotamia, not Africa.

We believe mankind is all one race. But Evolution has a history of racism.

We promote good science that is exposing the lies of Evolution. Evolution is teaching false ideas in most of our modern universities.

We promote modern creation scientists that are exposing things that are sometimes not in the latest university textbooks. Sometimes the modern good science is too new. Sometimes the modern good science is too against the naturalistic humanistic Evolution teaching controls academia.

Is Genesis History?

ICR Podcasts


John Sanford presenting at NIH, 2018 (genetic entropy)

John Sanford interviewed by James Tour

John Sanford at International Church of Oahu

Why do I run this website since I do not live in Kasempa?
Well, I grew up in the Kasempa area, at Mukinge and my dad was the main builder.
Years ago, my dad (Joe Faber) had a good friend, Charles Foster.
Charles Foster has deep roots in the Kasempa area and helped translate the first Bible.
I have good memories of Charles Foster.
Now, many years later, I am interested in what God is doing in ECZ church.
And, I love this kind of music...

Kasempa-Central-ECZ May 22, 2022

Kasempa church music

Some things seems to have changed in the modern church... but mostly I like to see the healthy dynamic church thriving in Kasempa. I remember the old style church from the 1970s. But it is very interesting to see the current church in Kasempa.
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