My name is Joe Faber. I was in charge of building at Mukinge during much of the 1970s.   Kasempa was our nearby town.

I also worked on a few building projects in the 1980s, but I have mostly been in the USA since then. Currently, as of 2019, I am 82 years old. Here we will mention some thoughts about God, wisdom and life at Kasempa, both years ago and now. We belive in Jesus Christ, God's son, who is revealed in the Bible. We have good memories of the man who was very significant for helping to introduce the Bible in the Kaonde language, years ago, C.S. Foster, and we respect his legacy.

Here will will share some principles I have learned over the years.  


Hard Work is good, but put God first

I have been a hard worker. Anyone who knows me and how I was in the 1970s should not be surprised to see me still very busy building and doing projects at 82 years old!

But we should never live for this world. We need to put God first. Read the Bible and respect the Biblical knowledgeable leaders in your local assemblies and towns.

We love the example of the old days in the Kasempa area where the church was very united. One Zambia is good, but the church is also supposed to be united. The evil one wants to separate the church by allowing tricky leaders to introduce ideas that divide.

Here is a website my son Richard is involved in that promotes the church being unitied, although it is from western USA perspective to some degree. But the ideas are inspired from the church in the Kasempa area from the 1970s!  

Care for the needs of the people

We are grateful to C.S. Foster and many other doctors and nurses who have been involved in the legacy of Mukinge Hospital and other health stations in the Kasempa area. We especially appreciate putting God first by caring for needy people if we do it out of love for God and not for money.

Two of my children were born at Mukinge Hospital, John and Raymond. Richard is the editor of this website. He was 6 months old in 1966 when we arrived in Zambia.

Here are some links to the Mukinge Mission hospital:   Samaritan's Purse  

Good leadership will not be influenced by money

I was given a special priviledge years ago when a former Chief died. Those who know, will know. For now, we will just echo some of the words of a current Cheif Kasempa that we agree with and appreciate.

We believe there is something very special about the people of Kasempa area who love peace and are content to live simpler than much of the world. We are in favor of modern technology and progress, but we also appreciate restraint and patience so people can live simply, without fear of oppression and intimidation.

As of 2019, here are some wise quote from Chief Kasempa...

I do not belong to any party but inside my heart, I have a belonging which is a secret. That day will come and I will decide. What will make me decide is what I'm keeping in my heart. I won't tell people who to vote for but they will look and decide according to what they are going through

I will give you an example of a family of 10 children who share relish. A parent should be very careful not to give more to others to avoid favouritism, but this is what is happening in our country now.”

"If this is the way this country will be governed, it's not good. 2021, my chiefdom would not want to hear of blood and fighting. In my chiefdom, I don't want to hear of fights like what I heard happened today (Friday). I could have spoken a lot, but I am saddened with the events. Yes, we will have elections, but all those that want to win should go round and tell the people, selle their manifestos and not fighting or attacking others."

"I will get offended by those who will come and give me huge (sums of) money because I can't be bought. I speak and stand with my people. Now let us respect the Constitution. The Constitution only allows for two terms, so anyone who wants a third term will not succeed. Zambians should learn to live and love each other but these politicians should not divide us".

Education is important, but keep it affordable

We also believe in good education. Mukinge has been effective in introducing modern education in the Kasempa area for many years. Education can help provide opportunities for people. But we must keep the education affordable for all who want to learn. Education should not be a priviledge based on who has money. Education does cost money, but we should try to make it affordable by various methods.

Mukinge Secondary school

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